I want to hurt myself > What can I do?

If you want to hurt yourself and self-harm, these are lots of ways you can help yourself. Lots of young people have said that techniques and top tips like these have really made a difference.

Write it down

  • Write down how you feel in a diary or elsewhere. This can help you make sense of your feelings, and if you read it back it could help you understand more about why you are self-harming.

Talk it through

  • Talk to friends or family.

Ride the wave

  • Paint, draw or scribble in red ink.
  • Hold an ice cube in your hand until it melts.
  • Write down your negative feelings then rip the paper up.
  • When you feel an urge to self harm use the Stem4 app for a long as you need to “ride the wave”.

Be good to yourself

Distract yourself from the urge to self-harm:

  • Listen to music.
  • Exercise.
  • Take a bath or shower.
  • Watch your favourite funny film.
  • Be kind to yourself and try to build your self-esteem.

Stay away from danger

  • Identify your ‘triggers’ – things that make you want to hurt yourself – and try to stay away from them.
  • Only visit websites that give you positive advice and hope for the future.

More ways to stay strong