What can I do?

Most teenagers and young people feel down and depressed at times – and that’s normal. But there are plenty of things that you can do to help make yourself, or a friend, feel better. Here are some top tips and advice for dealing with depression and beating the blues.

Eat well and stay away from alcohol

  • Eat a healthy diet – good food gives you energy and can lift your mood, while unhealthy food can do the opposite.
  • Stay away from alcohol, which can make you feel worse.

Try to sleep well at night

  • Try to get enough sleep to help you have the energy to cope during rough times.
  • Try not to sleep during the day as this could make you feel lethargic and stop you being able to sleep at night.

Talk to people

  • Try to get out and talk to people; too much time alone can make things seem worse.
  • Tell your friends and family how you’re feeling so they can help.

Get involved in activities

  • Do some exercise – this releases chemicals called ‘endorphins’ that make you feel good. It’s best to find something you enjoy! There are plenty of ways to exercise other than playing team sports such as boxing, dancing or yoga.
  • Get stuck into an outdoor activity.
  • Do something creative using your hands.
  • Listen to music, make some uplifting playlists.
  • Try mindfulness .
  • Play with your pet, if you have one, animals can lift your mood.
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Do you ever feel depressed? – YoungMinds lealfet

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